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For People Who Love To Garden

Updated: Friday, June 23, 2000

Welcome to Gardeners Path. Here in Somerville, MA, the clematis is blooming out of control, the rambling roses are taking over the neighborhood, and the summer flowers are just getting started. In my own garden, the Stock (Twist variety) just got going, very satisfying since I started them indoors from seed. The color is indeed unusual as you may be able to see from the photo above.

Photo essays still roll in occasionally. We have a selection for you now: the Davis Square Community Garden , Almost Summer by the Sea, and June in Bloom.


The Garden Planner is just like drawing a garden with graph paper and pencil, except it's on the web. Click the Layouts button to see different garden shapes. Then click the Pallette to choose plants for your garden, and drag new plants wherever you want them. If you don't like something, you can move it or drag it to the Compost Heap. While not exactly botanically-correct, you can use the Garden Planner to experiment with colors, arrangements, layouts, and of course, to have fun. You'll need Flash 4 to enjoy it so be sure to get the free Flash 4 plug-in.

Other Gardener's Path features we're still working on:

  • The Plant Guide is making progress. We've got our first over 60 plants almost ready to go. Sorry the suggest a plant form is out of order. We aim to get that fixed real soon now.

  • The Gardener's Market aims to be a juried selection of interesting garden-related sites and shopping. Please suggest a garden-related site to be listed in the Gardeners Market, if you know of a good one.

  • There's still time to submit your garden with a photo and description for possible inclusion in an upcoming 'Garden of the Month' feature.

  • Sign up for the Gardener's Path Newsletter to be alerted when new features are added to the site. You can sign up by simply typing your email address in the box below and clicking Update Me.

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